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Student Name: İbrahim Akçakaya #7392 Lab Session: (M 8:40-11:30) Date of Submission: 28/11/2007 ENS 203 LAB # 4 SERIES AND PARALLEL RESONANCE Post Lab Evaluation 1) No, they did not match completely but the differences are small amount. At the resonant frequency, impedance is purely resistive because transfer function results in reel number. So, there is not an imaginer part. 2) In low frequency Capacitance is dominant In high frequency Inductance is dominant 3) Unless there was R g ; V out will always be equal to V in . The capacitor, the inductor and the resistor would not create a resonant frequency. Because for each branch we will have the current V in /Z C , V in /R, V in /Z L respectively, for all the frequencies.
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