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4 - contamination of the earth,air and the...

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Greenpeace organization has taken very big steps for protecting our “world” and life above it.In two areas,Greenpeace organization’s achievements can be seen more significantly.First of these areas can be shown as the dealing with climate change and global warming.According to Greenpeace,it was a good manner to protect forests and rainforests for slowing down global warming and climate change.With this opinion,they created a heavy pressure over the government of British Columbia,so the government decided to protect Canada’s remaining rainforests with a treaty.(2001).Another important achievement can be shown as signing of the Kyoto Protocol by European Union and Japan.This treaty was important, because any country which signs it was accepting to reduce the usage of dangerous gases. In addition to these successes,others can be pointed in the area of dealing with
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Unformatted text preview: contamination of the earth,air and the oceans.Probably,the most important achievements in these topic is the signing of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) by The Security Council of the UN, France, USA, Russia and China.Greenpeace organization’s role in this treaty can not be underestimated.They protested the French government for nuclear testing.They even collected signatures of seven million people to stop testing of nuclear weapons (1995).Another example can be given about the contamination of the oceans.After three years of heavy protests,the oil company Shell agreed to close down its offshore installation,the Brent Spar in 1998.In addition to this application, a global agreement for the elimination of highly toxic man-made chemicals (Persistent Organic Pollutants) was established in May 2001 becuse of heavy “Green” pressure....
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