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SPS 11.Hafta I.Anfi Great Power States The notion of great power states comes from the following argument: weak states (the so-called 3rd world countries) has very little to say on their prospects. They’re not in control of their relations or power so they are left in the control and mercy of the Great Power states. (The Erdoğan-Bush meeting set a good example. Erdoğan spent an entire week in US with serious hopes, but Bush stayed for just about half an hour in Turkey:) We can also define the Great Powers as the countries with great access to military and economic resources. By economical power we mean the notion that US and UK –being power states- define the economical structure of the present era: an economical conflict between US and UK can have international effects, not between Turkey and Uruguay. Military power is evaluated by the possession of nuclear weapons. The feature of great powers are basically the following. Great Power Politics Fear each other and always compete with each other The overriding goal is to maximize its share of global power at the expense of other states. Ultimate aim is to become the hegemon – the only great power in the system. There is always a shift in the balance of these powers and relations can easily change based on interests. But once one power raise as the strongest, the conflict can negatively be balanced – that is to say the hegemonia is set. But this is not actual the situation in modern era and there are various reasons for these power balance shifts. Great Powers and The International System The absence of International authority States always have some offensive military capabilities States can never be sure about other state’s intentions. These are the reasons why the great powers act the way they do. The strongest arguments on this issue belong to Mearsheimer. He basically claims that the only way to prevent the hegemonia of a power state is the existence of another power state that’s strong as much. UN can exist but the real power to stop US from doing what it actually is capable of is the existence of such countries like China, Russia, England etc. Understanding of international powers is essential because * they have the largest impact on what happens in international politics. * the fortunes of all states are determined primarily by the decisions of and actions of great power states. *Politics in all regions are deeply influenced by great power rivalry – best illustrated by the Cold War. At this point, we can also set some criteria for the international system - defined as one anarchy - there is an absence of central authority - In anarchical-order states have to rely on their own power to survive beause there is o power to protect them. -
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Anfi Notları - SPS 11.Hafta I.Anfi Great Power...

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