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Aral Zorkun 12203 What underlies at reality shows? Reality show means; revealing the real people’s lives and real challenges. Since the invention of television reality shows have been invading people’s lives for near fifty years. About reality shows, a lot of debates were made but yet nobody has come up with a certain consensus, that if reality shows beneficial or harmful. But if the current situation is considered that for a higher rating ratio producers put much more immoral behaviors to their reality shows, it clearly harmful. In addition many audiences adopt unethical things which they see on TV and worse they try these at their environment. Imitation of immoral behaviors demonstrate that reality shows have bad influences on audiences. Reality shows have many negative influences on audiences but the most significant ones are voyeurism, discrimination and risky behaviors. Reality shows have harmful influences on the masses but on the other hand, many essayists, such as Poniewozik, mention that some reality shows are helpful for people to put a mirror to their lives. According to Poniewozik (2003), reality shows could be good because in these shows there is no well-structured fiction or no intelligence, just people themselves (¶, 5). The best example is Lady Tiger; a lady whose husband is dead and she created her life from zero on television scenes with only herself (Poniewozik, 2003). In Lady Tiger there is no harm indeed. But, at the first glance, reality shows seem to be harmless but there some huge issues underlie at these shows. Voyeurism is the most common issue that ignores people’s private lives and by this
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aralfinalessay - Aral Zorkun 12203 What underlies at...

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