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Unformatted text preview: Sabanci University CIP Program FACTORY EMULSION PROJECT PA: Emre Akıncıtürk Supervisor: Hasan Hüseyin Dumanlı,Zeynep Hande Çoban Team Members: Aydın İşletme, Barış Değirmencioğlu, Cem Gürbağ, Cihan Kılıçcıoğlu, Çağdaş Doğan, Deniz Aydın, Dorukan Tarman, Ergin Gökmen, Gözde Demirel, Levin Menekşe, Mina Tanay, Ozan Beşer, Özlem Dökük, Sinan Gözüm, Yiğit Baykut, Dilara Timuçin, Erman Engin, Selim Cimili, Onur Kalaycı. Goal: Our aim is to decrease the poisonous smells and gasses that factories around our university spawn. This way we are hoping to help the environment and our university together. Another thing we would try to achieve would be to raise awareness of people living/working on campus to environmental problems that affect our daily lives, particularly those from the factories but also here on campus. How will the project carried out: Firstly, we will obtain a map of all the factories around our university in a perimeter of five kilometers, and then we will visit the factories around our university one by one. Then we will inspect if they are using an appropriate amount of filters or devices to prevent poisonous gasses to emerge. If so, we will move onto another factory, if not, we will report them to authorities. And while we are working on this project we will meet once or twice in a week in order to decide on our next step. We will also meet with Berrin Hoca and Mehmet Ali Hoca on a regular basis. What we will gain: - The knowledge that we made people inside our university healthier. To be able to work as a team. To gain environmental conscience. Ability to communicate with serious administrative persons. A clearer conscience, now that we have done something to make the world a better place. What the organization will gain from our work: To understand and respect the environment. To use appropriate amount of filters, thus protecting the environment. To expand communication with our university. ...
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