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CULT 222 Popular Culture_Fall09_ - CULT 222: Popular...

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CULT 222: Popular Culture – Youth Cultures Fall 2009 Tuesdays 8:40- 10:30 Wednesdays 8:40-9:30 Instructor: Banu Karaca Office Hours: Tuesdays 10:45-12:00, Wednesdays 9:45-12:00 and by appointment Email: ***Please note that this is a preliminary syllabus. Some readings may be subject to change. The final distribution of readings will depend on the number of participants. *** This course will trace the emergence of the concept of popular culture linked to the rise of the mass media. Problematizing the distinction between "high" and "low" culture, the course will use selected case studies of diverse cultural products to illustrate current issues and debates in the study of popular culture and everyday life. This semester, the course on popular culture and everyday life will focus on youth culture. Since the 1960s young people have become increasingly recognized as cultural actors in their own right, especially in the realm of popular culture. Both, academic and popular representations of youth cultures, however, tend to oscillate between moral panics in regard to young peoples’ behavior on the one side, and the idealization of youth as a source for social change on the other. The objective of this course is to analyze and critically discuss different approaches to popular culture and youth cultural phenomena and contextualize these approaches in terms of historical background and broader socio- political economic shifts in society. Beginning with the emergence of the conception of youth as a distinct life phase in industrial societies, we will pay special attention to cross-cultural studies of youth cultures. We will discuss “classic” themes of the youth culture debate such as “deviance”, rituals, resistance, body politics, sexuality, drug use, authenticity and distinction, and feminist critiques of youth culture studies. We will also turn to current questions on youth and migration/transnationalism and youth and consumption, and explore specific methodological questions with regard to researching youth cultures, and popular culture in general. Requirements and Grading This seminar entails collective textwork based on the required readings as well as individual and group presentations of ethnographic case studies. Apart from discussing the listed readings we will set aside time to talk about current events that relate to the field and look at (self-)presentations of young people today (media, websites, blogs, zines, etc.). Every student is expected to sign up for two presentations: one of the
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CULT 222 Popular Culture_Fall09_ - CULT 222: Popular...

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