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Name: A. Arda Kuşoğlu 02/11/09 Student #: 11850 Section: B5 To what extent does Reality TV / media have negative influence on moral values? Reality TV is a big discussion topic in the world. There is so much conflict about it. Some of the newspaper columnists are supporting that reality TV is good for us, whereas the other ones are maintaining the idea which tells reality TV is not good. But they have not come up with any consensus so far. The discussion is all about who determine reality TV’s shows the producers or the audiences. When the effects of the reality TV on the people are considered, we can easily understand bad influences of it. Voyeurism which is the common issue around the world, gender discrimination, and risky behavior are three of the bad effects of reality TV. Although reality TV has negative influences on moral values, some essayists still support the idea reality TV is good for people. According to Poniewozik, reality TV wake people up in a way and also people can learn different human stories which may make them see the truth from TV. Indeed, Lady Tiger is the best example to be given for Reality TV. After her husband death, she created a new life for herself in front of the TV. Thus, she has become good example for her son; she made him to be proud of her.
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draft essay - Name: A. Arda Kuolu 02/11/09 Student #: 11850...

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