draft - To what extent does Reality TV have negative...

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To what extent does Reality TV have negative influence on moral values? Suggested Key Terms: exploitation of traumas, pain, shame, risky behavior, sexism, discrimination, voyeurism and scopophilia What underlies at reality shows? Disgrace? With the invention of television reality shows have been engaging people's lives for prolong fifty years. At first, intention of many of these reality shows was to contribute some beneficial things to viewers. However, things gone up side down in recent years, many reality show producers put wicked contents in their programmes for the sake of rating ambition. Recently, reality shows reveals everything without any reflections. It is disappointing but irresponsible behaviors of reality shows attract people. Yet nobody come up with a certain consesus about is reality shows good for us or bad for us. But be ensure that reality shows have crucial negative influences on moral values. In addition many reality show producers focus on definite extents like voyeurism, discrimination and risky behavior, to supply the demands of viewers. Reality shows have harmful influences on the masses but on the other hand, some analysts mention that many reality shows are helpful for people to put a mirror to their lives. Many viewers find themselves in new stories and real tragedies. It could be tought good because in reality shows there is no well-structured fiction or no intelligence, just people themselves. The best example is to be given the Lady Tiger; a lady whose husband is death and she created her life on television scenes with only herself. (Poniewozik, 2003) It reminds a question where is the immorality in this situation.
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draft - To what extent does Reality TV have negative...

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