Eng101-FINAL Essay-Senol ISIKLI-

Eng101-FINAL Essay-Senol ISIKLI- - Note: No Draft A.enol...

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Note: No Draft A.Şenol IŞIKLI 17th December 11928 Is Human An Unsatisfied Animal of 2009? The television is invented in 1922 and some programs, films, series began to broadcast. Years passed and the variety of TV programs changed. People wanted more from TV. Then, reality TV emerged. It was unorganized program and very strange if it is compared with other programs. People, who were involved in these programs, were behaving like there is no camera near them. So, contestants’ bad and good behaviors, their private lives are broadcast. People who watch this found a chance to observe real people’s own lives on TV. But this situation caused harmful effect on people. Because people were not watching reality TV for the purpose of adjusting their behaviors with comparing real people on TV. Most of viewers’ real aim is to observe real people’s sexual life, emotions and life rituals legally. Reality TV programs have many negative effects on society and also in moral values, but most significant ones are voyeurism, risky behavior and discrimination. Voyeurism is the most important topic for debate because it goes beyond the privacy boundaries of people. If someone observes his/her neighbor with binoculars, this situation will not be perceived as normal. But, when people watch reality TV, it is not defined as bad
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Eng101-FINAL Essay-Senol ISIKLI- - Note: No Draft A.enol...

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