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engb7 - Advertising is a public promotion of some product...

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Advertising is a public promotion of some product or service which attempts to attract more and more consumers. This industry has a big budget and provides huge profits for advertisers. The budget which spare to this area is increasing rapidly. For instance, in 1979 20 billion $ was spent for advertising but in 1999 this figure jumped to 180 billion $. According to a survey, an average American spends their 3 year life time with watching TV commercials. As a result of this, commercials’ negative influences such as sexualization of women's body and esteem for ideal image-self are emerged. One of the prominent negative influence is sexual usage of woman body, because in many advertisement, woman are shown as sex object. For instance, in a deodorant commercial, a woman which is very sexy seduces a man by her scent. The message is every woman can attract men with using deodorant. If woman uses it, man likes her. Obviously, women are used for providing man’s demand. Their desire or necessities are not important; the crucial
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