Essay first draft - Abuse against women Reasons and results...

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Abuse against women: Reasons and results of abuse Emre Öktem Freshman English 102, Section A2 Zeynep İskenderoğlu Önel April 13, 2006
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Abuse against woman has become a general and widespread issue in our world nowadays. The role of women is a bit complicated other than past eras. From the traditions and common beliefs typical role of women is the person who connects the family together. Beside a hard duty in families such as home-making, sometimes this general type of thinking receives abuse from their partnership by verbal, sexual or emotional forces. It causes a lot of harm for women in every part of their life. It affects so badly that some of them could also become disable or dead. All types of abuse against females make them humiliated and it affects badly very much in every field of their life. There are many types of abuse against women for example sexual abuse has significant effects on women's reproductive health. Like it harms general psychology, genetic disorders can also be seen in women. Such as unwanted pregnancies that result from sexual assault may lead to unsafe or illegal abortions, which can cause serious ill-health and even death. Mostly two of them are the post abortion syndrome and breast cancer. In post abortion syndrome the common symptoms are repression and denial. But most of the women think these two major signs can not be caused from abortion. (1998, Heritage House 76) The other important illness, breast cancer, it has a big correlation with abuse and abortion. Number of sick people has been doubled in last 30 years. (1998, Heritage House 76) Also abuse during
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Essay first draft - Abuse against women Reasons and results...

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