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feminism-essay(cey) - Feminism Theory Feminism theory...

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Feminism Theory Feminism theory: Success or deficiency feminist movements’ Ceyhun Büyükkağnıcı Freshman English 102, Section A2 Zeynep İskenderoğlu Önel April 13, 2006 1
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Feminism Theory Feminism Ideology at Past and in Recent Feminism was a theory which stands beside the people including females, children and also males who were oppressed in the society. However, throughout the world, since the females were the majority who are suffering from inequalities, feminists achieved to help women who suffered from the male dominance. (Hooks, 2000) Feminists worked on the issues of women like having difficulties in finding working opportunities, having an education, getting equal rights with men in marriage and also voting. For many years, feminists have been working to make people be aware of women rights was not a different fact than human rights. So under the name of feminism, women were looking to defend their rights and prevent the exploitation of women. The main reason for the emergence of feminism was to change the social and cultural representation of women. But, there is a dilemma whether the movements of feminism were successful to improve the social role of women in the society or they failed to prevent the abuse of women under the social and legal inequalities. In the early years of feminism, the theory was to contribute women to have more opportunities in voting, marriage laws, working and educational life. When the birth-control pills emerged and the sexual revolution created a new structure for women, the aspirations of women altered. Since women had more freedom to work and to educate, they wanted to have a job and increase their social status in the society. ( Gerritsen , 1980) However, the domination of men and gender stereotypes in the society were the obstacles for women since the females did not have any rights against males. For instance, males were fighting for their countries, they were voting to choose a president and they were working in higher position for their company. So men were labelled as the strongest and effective in the society. The problem was the models which were formed by the society for man and woman. The feminists believed that the gender roles could not be defined with the differences between the sexes of humans. So they fought against this male dominance and the stereotyped gender roles. The primitive impacts of women, which called feminist waves, took part in 19 th century and had an effect in many European countries, especially in Britain and also in America. The
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feminism-essay(cey) - Feminism Theory Feminism theory...

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