Final research paper

Final research paper - Abuse against women Abuse against...

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Unformatted text preview: Abuse against women Abuse against women: Reasons and results of abuse Emre ktem Freshman English 102, Section A2 Zeynep skenderolu nel June 1, 2006 1 Abuse against women Abuse against woman has become a general and widespread issue in our world nowadays. The role of women is a bit complicated other than past eras. From the traditions and common beliefs typical role of women is the person who connects the family together. Beside a hard duty in families such as home-making, sometimes this kind of thoughts causes the abuse of the women in the house from their partnership by verbal, sexual or emotional forces. Because the woman is generalized as a housewife, the males would use this generalization for their own benefits. The males can dominate the females in the house and the females would not have a right to say something because they are only looking after home. On the other hand males are working and earning money. Because of these facts society interpret the roles for males and females by stereotyping them. Also the males domination can turn into violence and that can cause a lot of harm for women in every part of their life. The different types of abuse influence the women so badly that some of them could also become disabled or dead. All types of abuse against the females such as economic, verbal or emotional make them humiliated and the harm can be so influential for the females that it could affect the individuals whole life. There are many types of abuse against women. For example sexual abuse has significant effects on women's reproductive health. Like it harms general psychology, genetic disorders can also be seen in women. Such as illegal or unsafe abortions, even serious illness and death can be the factors of unwanted pregnancies which are mostly by sexual harassment....
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Final research paper - Abuse against women Abuse against...

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