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Pages 109-116 Youg british muslims between 2 cultures: *“ethnic culture” *British way of life 60’s migrants: male (25-45). İntend to work (mostly textile industry) for a # of years- return unemployement of pakistanis 3.5x than of whites p. men 30% fully employed Women unemployed, some nursery Muslims in factories treated worse Engage in social life within their own locality (ethnic group) In school too, socializing-ethnicity/-race Children go to madrassah ->superficial education, not even complete understanding of quran
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Unformatted text preview: Lack of interest and practice Keywords niyetine, *anti-muslm, anti-immigrant *tradition oriented community *racial discrimination *culturel-muslim identity: kind of resistance pages 130-134 1 million p. in britain disadvantaged, marginalised, alliented community ostracised from society youngs-indifference, intolerance,antipathy towards west low-educational resources illiteracy, poverty huntington: clash of civilisations->oversimplification and generalisation...
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