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incorporating sources initial slides - Incorporating...

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Unformatted text preview: Incorporating Sources 3 Ways of Incorporating Sources a paraphrase a summary a direct quote What is Paraphrasing? It is NOT just substituting synonyms just altering the word order What is Paraphrasing? (cont.) It IS expressing the same ideas as the source but in your own way – i.e. your own organisation, grammar and vocabulary for your own purposes Very approximately of similar length to the original Therefore the language in a paraphrase should be the same as the rest of the essay – ie I should not see more than 1 voice in your essay What is Summarising? It contains only the main ideas It is shorter (often much shorter) than the original A Direct Quote 1 word Up to 2 sentences When should we quote? When it is memorable – something that you think will stick in the mind of your reader When we need the writer’s exact words to analyse or prove s’thg (In general, there is very little quotation in any paper – unless it is analyzing another author’s ideas...
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incorporating sources initial slides - Incorporating...

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