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Keywords for SPS 101 (Week 1-5) Modernity Pre-modernity The Early Modern Era The Modern Era Eurocentrism Historical nations The people without history 19 th century Anthropology as the study of primitives High civilizations Oriental Studies World history William McNeill Ecumenical history Toynbee Linear approach Cyclical approach Global history Wallerstein “World systems” civilization Abu-Lughod Society Culture Country/nation/ nation-state/territory Sex vs. gender Race Social stratification Progressivist view of human history Revisionist view of human history Procurement Production Evolutionary approach to hunter- gatherers Cave painting Neolithic revolution Pre-historic hunter-gatherers Modern hunter-gatherers A step-function view of historical development Material-technological thresholds Simple appropriation of nature Hunting-gathering Transhumance “true” nomadism göçer vs. göçebe horse nomads
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Unformatted text preview: Theology Sociology of religion Mutability/change/adaptability of religions Orthodoxy Heterodoxy Heresy Tolerance Salvation religions Religion as being opium for the people Bible Old Testament New Testament Genesis Original sin Golden lie Sacrifice Non-state livelihoods Kin-based societies Formation of tributary states The role of movement The role of violence Horizontal mobility in modern societies Horizontal movement in pre-modern societies Pull and push factors Migration Invasion Conquest Völkerwanderungen the Dark Ages vs. dark ages Eurocentrism in the systematization of history Warrior nobility War leadership Barbarian kingdoms Dark age fighting Land as irreproducable resource Marriage alliances Ideological alliances State-founders Retrospective legitimation intensive agriculture/extensive agriculture...
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