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Keywords for final - Week 10 Interstate System Bipolarity...

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Week 10 – Interstate System Bipolarity Multi polarity Balanced multi polarity Yalta agreement Containment doctrine Truman doctrine Marshall Plan Week 11 – Developmentalism and Beyond ISI Developmentalism Week 12 – Globalization and Its Critics Economic globalization MNCs Cultural globalization Information revolution Global culture Political globalization Week 13 – Post-National Citizenship Civil rights Political rights Social rights Cite Citoyen Liberal individualism Civic individualism Active\passive citizenship European citizenship City citizenship Post-national citizenship Denationalized citizenship Week 13 – Post Cold War Social Science Nomothetic disciplines Project Camelot Week 14 – United Nations and European Union International organizations International norms Hegemony Institutional hegemony
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Historical bloc G7 Bilderberg group – Davos Group Liberal internationalism Week 15 – Questions of democratization Electoral democracy Procedural democracy Fallacy of electoralism Polyarchy Liberal democracy Rule of law Pseudodemocracy Delegative democracy Wave of democratization The third wave Karışık Transnational Capitalist Class Export Oriented Growth Grass roots End of history ISI (Import Substitution System) An economic policy where governments try to substitute domestic production for goods, which were previously imported, using import tariffs, quantitative restrictions, etc… Balanced bipolarity Equal distribution of power in international system between two states or poles. Balanced multipolarity
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Keywords for final - Week 10 Interstate System Bipolarity...

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