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1) RC circuit is a low pass filter. In low frequency, it has a good gain. RL is a high pass filter. In higher frequencies it has a good gain. 2) Capacitor is an open circuit in low frequencies. It gets all the voltage. So the gain is high. However in higher frequencies capacitor behaves like a short circuit. Therefore we do not see any voltage along capacitor which means the gain is nearly zero. 3) The first plot is the magnitude plot of RC circuit while the second is RL. RC circuit has more gain in low frequencies with respect to high frequencies. RL circuit has the opposite behavior. 4) Inductor does not permit the immediate change in the current. When the voltage across the source change from positive to negative, the current is still going the way which it
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Unformatted text preview: goes previously. This creates twice voltage of the source across the inductor(has negative value). In the other case, when the voltage across the source goes from negative to positive then the current does not change immediately and the inductor again has twice voltage of the source(inductor has positive value). 5) Various effects are observed. First of all, the calculated voltage values are not observed during the labs. Moreover, the frequency response of the real system is different from the ideal system. However the observations such as the shape of the frequency response is still the same....
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