mathematical - smaller and the final bend radius is larger...

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Mathematical Modelling of the selected production process Bending is one of the most crucial processes in the production of a car door; since the wrong angles may lead to imperfect aerodynamic shapes and hence affect the movement of the car on the road. In this part of the project some; some mathematical modeling on bending process will be introduced and then the calculations with the project info will be carried out. The first term that we are going to analyze is the bend allowance ; which is the length of the neutral axis in the bend area and is used to determine the blank length for a bent part. (Kalpakjian, Schmid).The formula for bend allowance, L b is; ) ( kt R L b + = α Equation 1: Bend allowance : bend angle (in radians) R : bend radius k : constant t : sheet thickness ideal case de k 0.5 miş bizim angle da 15 derece onu radiana cevircez thickness I bilmiyorum The second term is springback . Springback is defined as upon the removal of the load elastic recovery occurs and the bend part curves upward. The final bend angle after springback is
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Unformatted text preview: smaller and the final bend radius is larger than before (Kalpakjian, Schmid). Springback factor ; K s is defined as 1 ) / 2 ( 1 ) / 2 ( + + = = t R t R K f i i f s Equation 2: Springback factor f : the final radius i : the initial radius i R : the initial bend radius f R : the final bend radius bika ilem yaplacak burda When it comes to calculating bending forces; it can be assumed that the process simple bending of a rectangular beam. If friction is excluded the formula for maximum bending force , F max is W Lt UTS k F 2 max ) ( : Equation 3: Maximum bending force k : constant (1.2 1.33 for a V die) UTS : ultimate tensile strength L : total length of the bend edge t : thickness W : width of the die opening REFERENCE a eklenecek Kalpakjian S; Schmid S R; Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials , Pearson Education Inc, 2003 Resim...
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mathematical - smaller and the final bend radius is larger...

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