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MS 309 Project Progress Report örneği

MS 309 Project Progress Report...

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MS 309 Project Progress Report Marine Propeller Manufacturing and Analysis of Its Production Processes Group 14 Kerem Sadıkoğlu Alper Alkaç Burak Özyazgan Burak Saygın Yaşamış Supervised by: Erhan Budak Taner Tunç October, 26 2007 Fall 2007 Sabancı University
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COMPANY PRESENTATION: Eriş Propellers We visited Eriş Propellers for our survey about the manufacturing process of propellers. EP is the largest manufacturer of marine propellers in Turkey and being in this industry for over 30 years. Their foundry let the firm build propellers up to 2100 mm in diameter and 1500 kg in weight. There were almost 1000 propeller models in their foundries. We were also able to see the preparation of mold with Arda Modelling which involves hand-finishing proficiency that less masters carry out successfully. That mold was for a propeller for almost 1.5m in diameter and 450 kg in weight. During our survey we learned that besides owning models or buying very expensive CAD softwares, finding craftsman who can prepare perfect sand molds without a model is almost impossible. Due to this, there are only a few foundries casting propellers and EP is the largest foundry in Turkey. Almost all the shipyards we contacted gave us their name. During our visit to EP foundry we learned that they are capable of building propellers up to 2.1 m in diameter; larger propellers are being imported from other countries. MANUFACTURING PROCESS
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MS 309 Project Progress Report...

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