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MS309PROJECTTITLES - car headlight car exhaust duct crank...

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MS 309 EXAMPLE PROJECT TITLES - NO TAP! - automobile rim - TV or monitor case - pressure vessel - PVC window borders - curtain-rod - car hatch - fire extinguisher - diving tank - train rail - railroad wheels - marine propellers - roller bearing - engine block - piston cylinder - turbine blade - Hip/knee implant - washing machine components - radiator (heater) - cutting tools
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Unformatted text preview: - car headlight- car exhaust duct- crank shaft- elevator steel rope- gearbox - injection molds for PVC bottles- Beverage can manufacturing- hand tools (pliers etc.)- power tools (drill etc.)- air conditioner components- pump components- compressor components- coffee grinder Etc.----- Or your choice which needs to be approved---------...
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