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Problematic of Being a Nation The concept of “Nation” has been questioned since the French Revolution. It has been a controversial issue, if “Nation” and “Nationalism” are modern or traditional fenomena. According to some definitions, such as: “It is a group of people who live within the same borders of a country; Turkish nation, German nation, etc. These people are held together by other factors like religion, language, etc. According to me, it is only borders which is common to a whole nation.” living on the common land, having the same language, religion, material interest and coming from the same race are enough to be a nation. However I disagree with this statement and in this essay I will explain the reasons of my disagreement by referring both to the text of Renan, called “What is a Nation?” and to the lecture of Ayhan Akman. There are two theories about the origin of nation. The first one is the “primordialist view” which claims that the concept of nation is found since the existence of human being. According to them the idea of nationalism in minds derives from antiquity, yet the groups of people, who are the roots of the nations, were not aware of their unity. Then a “nationalist hero” came and made them gain self- consciousness. Depending on this idea they call their model as “Sleeping Beauty”. The absolute supporters of this theory come up with some criteria they allege to be
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nationalism essay - Problematic of Being a Nation The...

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