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SOCIALISM “The more you have, the less you are.” K. Marx According to Marxist terminology, every community in the history is characterized by their possession on the mode of production. To make his ideas into a theory, Marx borrowed the notions of thesis, antithesis, synthesis and dialectic from Hegel. Hegel was from the idealistic tradition; he claimed that the change begins in the world of ideas so that a material change can occur. In broad sense, Idealism is the philosophical view that allocates priority of mind over matter. Marx takes the system from Hegel and turned it directly upside down. Marx is a materialist and refers to material world instead of the world of ideas. Marx differentiates the societies using the classifications of feudal society and capitalist society, and he foresees socialist societies and as utopia, communist ones. In feudal societies, all wealth is created through agriculture; it was the mode of production relying on the relations of serfs and lords. In capitalist system, the mode of production changed in a self-catalyzing manner. More accurately said, according to Marx, capitalist societies are divided into two classes: the bourgeoisie owning the means o production and the proletariat having the labour force. For Marx the rise of capitalist / bourgeoisie class is directly related to the advancement of technology. In short, some key features of capitalism are increasing of division of labour and maximizing profit. According to Marx, the so called relations of production (culture, arts, politics) are determined by the means of production (the economy in general sense). Marx proclaims the thesis that “[t]he philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.” Having all these in mind, the change should be in the direction of socialism. The main characteristic of socialist community is the property of mode production which is socialized. Therefore, a socialist community is completely different than other type of communities in various institutions and association of social life. Socialist community provides an absolute freedom by destroying alienation because it is not organized on property or ownership like capitalist societies but it is based on labor. “In estranging from man the nature, and himself, his own active functions, his life activity, estranged labour estranges the species from man. It turns for him the life of the species into a means of individual life.” (Marx, K. Economic and Philosophical
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New Microsoft Office Word Belgesi - SOCIALISM The more you...

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