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NS 101 Assignment - 1 Show that the speed of the electron...

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1) Show that the speed of the electron in the n th circular Bohr orbit is ( α c)/n, where α = e 2 /4 πε 0 h c. Look up all the constants in α and prove that it is dimensionless and has the approximate value = 1/137. 2) Find the electron’s angular frequency of revolution ϖ n for the same orbit. 3) Using Bohr’s and Planck’s formulas E i -E f = h ϖ, obtain the angular frequncy of the photon emitted as an electron falls from the level n+1 to n. 4) Show that as n goes to infinity, the result of (3) goes over to the value in (2). Classically, the radiation frequency from an electron in a circular orbit is the same as
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