org within paras - English 101 Fall 2004 200 5 Organisation...

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English 101 Fall 2004 - 200 5 Organisation Within Paragraphs Workshop Below, you can see two paragraphs (Text A and Text B). They were written by. different students. Answer the following questions about each paragraph:- 1. What is the paragraph about (the key ideas)? 2. Which is the topic sentence? 3. Does the topic sentence adequately reflect the actual content of the paragraph? 4. How easy was it for you to follow the writer’s argument? TEXT A On the other hand, the idea behind the anti-death penalty movement is that capital punishment is immoral and decreases the value of human life; and furthermore the movement’s supporters believe that the death penalty is irrevocable and unjust for three reasons. The first of these is that statistics show that the death penalty contains class bias and racism as most of the people (approximately 95%) under death sentence were so poor that they could not afford a private attorney and more than half of them (approximately 55%) are people of color (About Us. (n.d.)). Secondly, some people who were under the death sentence were proven to be actually innocent, which reflects the irreversibility and the injustice of the death penalty. Thirdly, capital punishment ignores human beings’ willingness to become better and also ignores moral transformation altogether. In terms of the indefensibility of capital punishment, it is worth pointing out that the USA is the only western democracy that still uses it, which, in the eyes of the people who oppose it, is a great disgrace. Opponents of the death penalty argue that there are methods of punishment which are more appropriate than the death penalty in every respect. For example it has been suggested that life imprisonment without parole is
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org within paras - English 101 Fall 2004 200 5 Organisation...

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