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Physics for poets aözet

Physics for poets aözet - Thomas...

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Thomas Dalton: Law of constant proportions. Each element have an equivalent weight. He found molecule: Smallest constituent of a chemical compound. Stanisla Cannizaro: 8/1 yanlışını düzellti. Robert Hooke: PV=NRT (hail of atoms) Rudolf Clasius: V (collisions with the wall)* mv (collisons of the atoms) kinetic energi verir. Robert Brown: The motions might be dyue tı random imbalamces in the moleular impaxrs on opposite sides of a pollen grain. Brownian motion. Ernest Rutherford: Energy came from within an atom and established that raidotion was acoompanied by the transformaiton of one atom into another. His electorns myst be a part of the ordnary matter, anything that emitted light had to be elctrical in nature ( maxwells electronagmnetic theorysinden dolayı) Electorn plums: moving freely in their charged pudding, in balance between their attraction to the positive charge and mutual repulsion.ossicialtion from duisturbed to normal. Frequency of the radition change unlike thomson atom s electorns orbit shrink. Plum-pudding modeline göre:Alpha radiationı altın levha içinden geçiriyo ve deviation oluyor ya plm pudding e göre içerden geçince çok az spama oluyo ama alpha electonlardan büyük olduğu için sapma büyük olmuyor . önemli demey: ıt wa sthe first demonsytration od the power of the particle scatterims as a toll for studying the forces that operate in the subatomic world.
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