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Physics for poets CHAPTER 13-17 özet

Physics for poets CHAPTER 13-17 özet -...

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Thomas Dalton: Law of constant proportions. Each element have an equivalent weight. He found molecule: Smallest constituent of a chemical compound. Stanisla Cannizaro: 8/1 yanlışını düzellti. Robert Hooke: P V=NRT (hail of atoms) Rudolf Clasius: V (collisi ons with the wall)* mv (collisons of the atoms) kinetic energy verir. Robert Brown: The motions might be due to random imbalances in the molecular impaxes on opposite sides of a pollen grain. Brownian motion. Ernest Rutherford: Energy came from within an atom and established that raidotion was acoompanied by the transformaiton of one atom into another. His electrons must be a part of the ordinary matter, anything that emitted light had to be elctrical in nature ( Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory’sinden dolayı) Electron plums: moving freely in their charged pudding, in balance between their attraction to the positive charge and mutual repulsion. Ossicialtion from disturbed to normal. Frequency of the radition change unlike Thomson’s atoms electrons orbit shrink. Plum-pudding modeline göre: Alpha radiationı altın levha içinden geçiriyo ve deviation oluyor ya plum pudding e göre içeriden geçince çok az sapma oluyor ama alpha electonlardan büyük olduğu için sapma büyük olmuyor. Önemli: it was the first demonstration of the power of the particle scatterims as a toll for studying the forces that operate in the subatomic world.
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