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PROJ102-ProgressReportTemplate - PROJ102 Project Progress...

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PROJ102 Project Progress Report #YourProjNo Your Project Title Group #YourGroupNo Name Surname, Name Surname, Name Surname, … Supervised by Name Surname, Name Surname, … 02/05/2006
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© Sabanci University *********************************************************************** * Remove this page from your reports *********************************************************************** * About the look of the document: - Keep the previous page as your cover page of the report. - Do not change the margin settings. - The pages should be numbered. - The cover page should not have a page number. - The report should be written using typeface “Times New Roman”. - The report body should be 12 pt, using single line spacing, and it should be justified. - The section headings should use 14pt and bold face. - The section headings should be numbered as 1, 1.1, 2.1.3, etc. as shown below. - The figures and tables should be centered and numbered as shown below. - A figure/table must have a caption right below the figure/table. - The captions must be 10 pt bold. - For example: Figure 1. Sabanci University Logo Column1 Column2 Column3 Abc Def Ghi 123 456 789 Table 1. An example table - This document is provided as a template for your project progress report. You
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PROJ102-ProgressReportTemplate - PROJ102 Project Progress...

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