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Preview Questions (lecture 6)

Preview Questions (lecture 6) - Lecture 6 I am what I eat...

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Lecture 6: I am what I eat: Photosynthesis Note, do not memorize any chemical structures. Know van Helmont, Malthus, Priestley, Boussingault, Kamen and Calvin. Questions you should be able to answer after today’s lecture. 1. What is “the law of Malthus”? a. According to Malthus the population grows geometrically while the food supply grows arithmetically, therefore the population will one day outgrow the food supply unless the population is kept in check. 2. Describe four approaches to ensure an adequate food supply. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? a. Population and Lifestyle Approach i. Decrease rate of population growth (birth control education) ii. Decrease Ecological Footprint. iii. Eat more nutrients iv. Eat smaller portions b. Land Use Approach i. Increase he amount of land used for agriculture. This will happen at the expense of decreasing natural habitats. c. Chemical Approach i. Increase productivity of existing farmland by using fertilizers. d. Biotechnological Approach i. Classical selective breeding ii. Genetic engineering 3. What is the Bt toxin?
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