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Psycho22 - PSYCHO ESSAY Emre ktem 8545 A-2 How could you...

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PSYCHO ESSAY Emre Öktem 8545 A-2
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How could you use Freud's ideas to explain Norman Bates' behaviour? In the film, the Psycho , the main character, Norman Bates is facing problems since his personality divided into two parts. There emerged a new personality which was occurred after his mother’s death. The distortion in Norman’s personality and character can be analyzed in the light of Sigmund Freud’s ideas. Norman Bates’ characteristic formed as Freud suggests his five stages which are oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital. Also Freud’ theories about defense mechanism and displacement can explain the behaviors of Norman in the film, the Psycho. Firstly, according to Freud, how a person develops his or her characteristic is all related to our sexual drive. (Boeree, 1997) At the very beginning of their life people have an oral period. In this period babies learn how to suck, swallow and biting. In the film, the Psycho , Norman was implying the oral stage by eating something all the time. Thus, Norman stayed in that stage which he should pass long time ago. It was because his problems about his family, especially with her mother. The second stage called the anal stage which forms another signs of being grown up. In this period, children learn about bowel movements and toilet training. Also the film pointed out the lack of the experience of this stage on Norman since he did not have a good training from his mother because he cannot say the word bathroom. When a person could not fix the anal stage on his character, it brings some bad
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