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Quiz 3 SPS 101, B7 Name:___________ Definitions .  Explain in brief, complete sentences  what  three (3) of the below terms or names  mean and  why  the term or name is important (15 points each): 1) three-field system 2) linear perspective 3) Magna Carta 4) The Hundred Years’ War 5) the Investiture Controversy 6) The Prince (Machiavelli) 7) vassal 8) the Golden Bull Essay Questions .  Choose one (1) of the following essay questions and write a response, using  well-constructed, logical academic essay structure  (55 points) : 1) Describe the process through which the Roman empire’s latifundia system developed into medieval Europe’s feudalistic system.
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Unformatted text preview: Use information from both the lectures and the readings in the Kishlansky book. 2) Why do we still discuss the Italian Renaissance today? In other words, why was it important? Use information from the readings to compose your answer. 3) Why was civic humanism (the civic humanism which emerged during the Italian Renaissance) important for the development of European thought? Which precedents did it emerge from? 4) What is “nomadism” and where does it fit in the HUNTER/GATHERERS -- AGRARIA -- INDUSTRIA scheme of human history that we have discussed in SPS 101? Why is “nomadism” classified in that way?...
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