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Quiz 4 SPS 101, B7 Name:___________ Definitions .  Explain in brief, complete sentences  what  three (3) of the below terms or names  mean and  why  the term or name is important (15 points each): 1) The Columbian Exchange -- CW: p. 365; the Norton reading from Week 13 2) Neoplatonism -- CW: pp. 519-523 -- “Neoplatonism and the New Scientists 3) mercantilism -- CW: pp. 534-540 -- “Mercantile Organization 4) Sola Scriptura -- CW: p. 399 -- “Martin Luther’s Faith 5) Calvinism -- CW: pp. 401-409 -- “The Spread of Lutheranism”; “The Protestant Reformation 6) triangular trade -- CW: pp. 526-534 “The Evolution of Long-Distance Travel 7) the doctrine of predestination -- CW: pp. 403-405 “Geneva and Calvin Essay Questions .  Choose one (1) of the following essay questions and write a response, using  well-constructed, logical academic essay structure  (55 points) : 1) What is the answer to Yali’s question
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