SPS 9.Hafta II.Anfi

SPS 9.Hafta II.Anfi - SPS 9.Hatfa II.Anfi Nations and...

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SPS 9.Hatfa II.Anfi Nations and Nationalism - Part II The answer to the question “what does flag symbolize?” is probably it symbolizes the nation. We take the notion that the flag is a sacred entity for granted, because we are told it is a symbol of our existence and unity as a nation. A flag can be used in activist, strong, agressive way. And this symbolizing of land+flag is a strong reminder of “you are a part of this society.” There is a onsept of “we” that’s constantly trying to be given; “we” referring to the national unity. For most individuals and in most sysytems, these concepts are never second-guessed and the qusetion is whether you wanna question these concepts: Whether you take the identity given to you as it is , or you wanna define your own identity. A good example is the controversy we had with Greece over the Kardak isles. The truth is Kardak is a piece of land no-one could take advantage of. But the clear message given was “Our territory is under threat.” And all of a sudden everyone –without sensibly thinking how useless the land is and what could the created conflict make us pay in the future- was ready for a possible war. The toursim was effected, international reşations got tense but the notion of “threatened
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SPS 9.Hafta II.Anfi - SPS 9.Hatfa II.Anfi Nations and...

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