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SPS 11.Hafta II.Anfi - SPS 11.Hafta II.Anfi COLD WAR...

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SPS 11.Hafta II.Anfi COLD WAR – POST-COLD WAR and BIPOLAR BALANCE The period between 1935 and 1945 was the time for the world to decide if one great dominance is possible- this was the time for political war between Germany and USSR. Hitler raised as a fundamental power before the second world war, because Germany was the factor of balance between USSR and UK. Before the second world war, Germany clearly recalled how it was forced to be oppressed by fighting in many fronts. Bismarckian politics focused on avoiding these faults. He signed a disarmament agreement with Russia at the end of ‘30’s and they decided to attack Poland together. For Russia, this was an attempt to reach to the Balkanian states invasin so they wanted Germany to turn a blind eye. Then stalin realized Germany also could turn to them too, so they also wanted to concure land in this so-called “stabled” time. Non-agreesion pact was a start-off to Cold War. When did the Cold War Begin? 1939- With the Soviet-German pact to divide Poland 1945- With the Yalta agreement 1945- With the USRR demand on Turkey and the Baltic states. This Polland attack was pretty much the beginning of World War 2. while German was fighting in Europe Stalin was attacking Balkanian states. In 1941, German was so sure that French were defeated.so they also put the UK off the agenda. Then they turned to Russia.
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SPS 11.Hafta II.Anfi - SPS 11.Hafta II.Anfi COLD WAR...

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