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SPS 13.Hafta 1.Anfi - SPS 13.Hafta I.Anfi GLOBALISATION The...

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SPS 13.Hafta I.Anfi GLOBALISATION The Social Scientific Definition of Globalisation: The increase in the amount of certain trends at a very important level that so that it creates a qualitatively different age which is very different than the previous age of nation states. In the age of nation states; every social, cultural and economic phenomenons were meant to be national. Indians were invest in India, listen to Indian music. There were French style of Education, literature, market etc. “Living in your own country” was an important code of nation states. This age was ended by globalisation. Nations kept on being an important aspect but “Transnational Practices” begin to determine the relationships. The relations developed transnationally – across th e borders of nation states are so strong that they shape the world today. Thinking of a state simply in terms of nationality are not enough to understans them. Most socialist claim that this transition is a process of last 3 decades. What we see as the beginning is the flow of goods across the nation borders, that has been produced elsewhere of the consumer country. An American smoking Indian, driving German, wearing French etc. Import substitution was broken. Self-sufficiency was no longer important for a
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SPS 13.Hafta 1.Anfi - SPS 13.Hafta I.Anfi GLOBALISATION The...

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