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SPS 13.Hafta II. Anfi - SPS 13.Hafta II Anfi...

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SPS 13.Hafta II. Anfi GLOBALISATION (Part II) In order to understand the globalisation you should focus on the term “flow” . If you understand what lobalization phenomenons mean by flows, next question becomes are these flows going in linear or multiple directions? Sometimes we understand the globalization as “There are American goods everywhere” but this is a linear approach too, which is wrong. The fact that John Woo is now directing Hollywood works but there is also a fact that Middle east has a “Turkish Movie Style” phenomenon. People in middle East know about İbrahim Tatlıses too. All of these are multiple directions. A country that is affected by another country in the flow of globalization can also be affecting for another country. The countries we are effected by can also be socalled “undeveloped” just like we watch Argentina soap operas. Yet still, there are some necessities to be in this flow. You go to have the means to put what you produced in the transnational flows. You also need the space to produce what you can and
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