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SPS take home - gender - Sevgi zpehlivan 8170 SPS Take Home...

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Sevgi Özpehlivan 8170 SPS Take Home – Essay On “Gender” Gender In “Sıdıka” The concept of “gender” has various links to many aspects of a society: Economy, social and political representation, employement, education etc. In our society, the concept of “gender” itself brings many questions and boundaries, freed from these relations. The “male” and “female” seperation is supported and grounded by religion, tradition, social patterns and many other strong patterns; and the work of Atilla Atalay, Sıdıka is an exceptional book that deals with the “double-standard nature” of our society in a very ironic, humorous, true and strong way. The issue of gender shows itself straight away from the first page. We encounter a so- called “classical” Turkish family living in the slum. Father, Zekeriya, is a worker who was brought up with the idea that a woman belongs to the house, or else she will lose her virtue. The mother, Safiye, was brought-up in a house of domestic violence, where she as a little girl was beaten by her father and accepted his dominance. Therefore she finds nothing to contradict the argument of pre-designed roles. She was brought up under the dominance of male family members, constantly being exposed to traditional patterns of virtue, motherhood, serving and obeying. She tries to raise her daughter by the same patters that she has no doubt about their legitimacy: Do not laugh, everyone will think you look like a prostitute; serve the meal on time and serve your man or they will think you are a useless woman; do not think just do the house work or they will say you are insane. These are patterns targetting directly the female; but it is not only the female in the book that live their life by the code “. ..or they will say. ..” Father Zekeriya beats up his daughter because he wants to be seen as strong and honourable. The boundaries for what a man and a woman should be are so strong that Zekeriya does not even give a single thought about what kind of man and father he wants to
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SPS take home - gender - Sevgi zpehlivan 8170 SPS Take Home...

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