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Sevgi Özpehlivan 8170 THE TURKISH ANTHEM Turkey has some fundamental phenomenons and symbols that are very much related with having nationalist feelings and “loving your country.” One of the most outstanding symbols is the Turkish national anthem and it still becomes such an important issue when it not performed properly or relatively insulted. One of the examples of this offended view Mansur Forutan’s article in Sabah dated June, 2005 headlined as “İstiklal Marşı’nı Susturmamak.” Writer clearly states how offende he was when the crowds in matches sing the national anthem as it is some kind of song, together with other “popular” and “useless” pop songs. He described the “disrespectful” way that people behave when they they are supposed to stand still through the anthem. There is no doubt that Mansur Forutan believes the national anthem is an ultimate phenomeno for the unification of a nation; so we could argue that any member of the society who does not feel as a “Turk” through the anthem is not a member of the Turkish nation for the writer. If we make an analysis by comparisin this view with the nationalis arguments of Renan, Anderson and Kymlica; we can find serious similarities and
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sps take home - Sevgi zpehlivan 8170 THE TURKISH ANTHEM...

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