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The Industrial Revolution “The material culture of humankind has changed more in the past two hundred years than it did in the preceding five thousand” Up until the industrial revolution, people were living fundamentally in the same manner as the Egyptians and Mesopotamians (same material to erect buildings, same animals to pull carriages, same textiles etc). The roots of the big change were the scientific revolution and the industrial revolution.
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1) Why did the industrial revolution begin in late 18 th century and not earlier or later? The most important factor seems to be remarkable growth of world trade (the Commercial Revolution). How did this contribute to industrial revolution? a. Large and expanding markets for European industries; i.e. increase in demand (e.g. textiles, firearms, ships, ship accessories) . This drove industries to improve their organization and technology b. One organizational innovation: The “putting out system”. In traditional craft guild arrangement, the same person produced a commodity and sold it. In
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sps%20102%20The%20Industrial%20Revolution - The Industrial...

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