SPS-101 Åženol IÅžIKLI Response Paper

SPS-101 Åženol IÅžIKLI Response Paper...

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A. Şenol IŞIKLI 11928 Why did humans begin to utilize agriculture as a mode of production? Explain the primary factors and each factor’s consequences. The essential information for this question should come from what you have read. When the first human occurred, the essential thing for him was to be alive and also to find food. In the early ages, people were few and they were living like animal. The communication and community sense was not developed. Humans were hunting animals which they can overcome and gathering fruits, vegetables which they can reach. Then, the amount of people who live in a certain area increased. The natural sources were same but consumers got high. After all these processes, a threshold that is agriculture emerged. It was essential mode for production because people’s demand for food increased and community sense came up. The major factor for agriculture’s necessity was increasing food demand. The tribes got larger because people were breeding. But the area where they live was same scale and in the early ages’ technique that was hunting and gathering for having food was based on nature. So, big
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SPS-101 Åženol IÅžIKLI Response Paper...

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