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Study Tips (Midterm I) 1. “Proof” vaaaaaar. .... (bu ders boyle, ama ileride cok faydasini goreceksiniz, gercekten) 2. Make sure that you know/understand; The algorithms we have covered What “complexity” means, how one finds a O- estimate for it What we mean by “growth of a function” Prime numbers, their properties That, “every integer >1 has a prime factor”, and why it is so. The division algorithm and why it works
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Unformatted text preview: The Euclidean Algorithm and its uses Some modular arithmetic- what we did in the class and also at the recitation classes What the Fundamental Thm of Arithmetic says, and the proof of it How to prove that there are infinitely may primes How to use the “induction principle” 3. Make sure that you can solve all the assigned exercises and preferably more…....
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