syllabus HUM202 FALL09-10

syllabus HUM202 FALL09-10 - HUM 202 Major Works of Western...

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HUM 202, Major Works of Western Art, Fall 2009 Instructor: Bratislav Pantelic , pantelic Syllabus DESCRIPTION AND SYLLABUS Sabancı University MAJOR WORKS OF WESTERN ART [HUM 202] Fall 2009 Class schedule Lectures: Wednesdays, 10:40-12:30 Discussions: Thursdays, 14:40-15:30 and 15:40-16:30 Coordinator and Instructor Dr. Bratislav Pantelic : [email protected] Teaching Assistants Zeynep Yelçe : [email protected] Görkem Aydemir : [email protected] Ece Okay : [email protected] Melis Taner : [email protected] Aslı Menevşe : [email protected] Senem Kaptan : [email protected] I. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will deal with groundbreaking achievements, milestones in the history of Western art. Each lecture will focus on one work of that is paradigmatic of an epoch, but will include comparisons with related works and discussions on the historical, intellectual, and aesthetic background in which they originated. The course will be more comprehensive than art promotion and ‘art appreciation’ courses offered elsewhere. Students will have the opportunity to consider the intricacies of human creativity and the complex factors in play in a work of art through the lectures and discussions. The main themes explored in this course relate to the changing role of art within the general cultural context and its interaction with other fields of human creativity. Such an exhaustive exploration should assist students in developing criteria for their appraisal of the arts, as well as to stimulate them to reconsider their systems of values and to pursue their interests in the arts and humanities. Requirements This course consists of a lecture followed by discussion section. Students are expected to attend all lectures, discussions and a study trip to a site in Istanbul. Students will also take a midterm and a final examination. Grading 20% Attendance and participation in discussion section 30% Midterm examination 50% Final examination II. SYLLABUS
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THEMES I. The Role of Art. Vision and Visuality II. Art as Ideal III. Art and Religion IV. The Artist as an Individual V. Art, Politics and Society VI. Art, Science and Intellectual Diversity LECTURES THEME I : THE ROLE OF ART. VISION AND VISUALITY 1. Major Works: Why, What and How? The goal of this introductory lecture is to provide students with the basic tools for understanding and appreciating art. The lecture discusses the notion of a ‘major work’ and addresses significant issues by comparing examples of art from a variety of different cultures and time periods. These issues can be formulated as questions: Why? What? and How? ‘Why?’ refers to the purpose, or function, of art. To answer the question why art is made the class discusses issues of patronage using examples from prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages. ‘What?’ discusses subject-matter, or what is represented in art by examining typical themes and the importance of subject-matter in a work of art. ‘How?’ discusses how things are represented, or the style. Analyses of different modes of
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syllabus HUM202 FALL09-10 - HUM 202 Major Works of Western...

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