The Community in Marx

The Community in Marx - The Community in Marxs Philosophy...

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The Community in Marx’s Philosophy Conclusion Marx’s political philosophy is far more than political, for his analysis of the democratic form of association as community shows democracy not to be a particular way in which civil society and the state are related, but instead shows that the community must be ‘stateless’ and, one could say, ‘civil-societyless.’ To understand the nature of democracy, Marx asks us not to look at the form of government or the development of special interest groups in civil society, but rather at the concrete way in which man lives in community. Democracy is of the nature of community for Marx. It is the move from the political to the social which is the foundation of the Marxian political theory. Marx was not alone in emphasizing social rather than political change, but he did see perhaps more clearly than most philosophers in the nineteenth century that social freedom and equality require the creation of a new and radically different form of association. As Marx put it in the Critique of the Gotha Program, right and law take on a new meaning in the democratic community and become a creative force within it, promoting social as well as political ends. For Marx the interest in social rather than political questions was expressed most clearly in his description of democracy as the stateless society. As long as the state exists, the democratic community cannot be created, since the state, as the instrument used by one group within society to control others, contradicts the very nature of the democratic community. The state in its most complete form is the state of the liberal democracy and the protector of the interests of middle class and private property. The traditional liberal demands
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The Community in Marx - The Community in Marxs Philosophy...

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