The Rise of the Modern State 1

The Rise of the Modern State 1 - THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE...

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T H E D E V E L O P M E N T O F T H E M O D E R N S T A T E I The Outline of the Second Week ’s Topic: A. Introduction 1. Clarification of David Held’s position and argument the analysis of the modern state Focus : the “construction”/ “the making of” the modern state. What does “construction”/ “the making of” mean in this context? Modern state as an “European” invention “Decisive role” of the modern state in the development of modernity 2. State societies versus stateless societies Informal mechanisms of government / institutionalization of government No clear boundaries / territorial rule (over a geographic space and population) Settlement of disputes by kinship groups or tribal authorities / legal system enforced by the state Relationships and transactions defined by custom/ formal coordination of government institutions 3. The modern state: An impersonal constitutional or legal form or order emerged in the sixteenth century Europe Capable of administering and controlling over a given territory A distinct form of public power , separate from both from the ruler and the ruled Supreme political authority within defined boundaries 4. A Chronology of the History of the States in Europe Roman Empire → Rome, sacked by Visigoths in 410/ the deposition of the last Roman Emperor in the West in 476/ in the East in 1453 8 th – 15 th / 16 th century→ Dominance of feudal structures; and the Papacy 14 th – 16 th
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The Rise of the Modern State 1 - THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE...

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