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Final Exam-topics covered: You are advised to study the “Lecture Notes” since our exposition of some topics has been different from that of the book . In any case we have covered the following (referring to the corresponding pages from the book/// s), not necessarily in the same order: (Midterm I) 5 th ed //// 6 th ed Section 2.1 Algorithms, pp120-129/// Sectn 3.1, pp 167-175 Section 2.2 pp 131-142/// Sctn 3.2 Section 2.3 Complexity of Algorithms /// Scn 3.3 Section 2.4 Integers pp153-158 (INCLUDING proof of the Fundamental Thm of Arithmetic)/// Sctn 3.4 (pp201-205), Sctn 3.5 Section 2.5 Euclidean Algorithm pp177-179/// Sctn 3.6, pp227-229 Section 2.6 pp181-184 /// Sectn 3.7, pp 231-235 Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (not in the book- see lecture notes) Section 3.2 Sequences pp225-231 /// Sctn 2.4 Countability of Rational Numbers; p234/5. Example 19./// Sectn 2.4 Section 3.3 Induction pp238-246 /// Sctn 4.1 pp 263-275 (Midterm II) Section 3.3-continued: Strong Induction pp.249-251/// Scn 4.2 Strong Induction pp 283-287
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Topics%20covered.%20Final%20Exam - Final Exam-topics...

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