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transition between paragraphs - English 101 Fall 2004...

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English 101 Fall 2004 Transition between Paragraphs Workshop PART 1 Below are excerpts from different students’ essays. Answer the following questions for each excerpt: a. What is the topic of the essay? b. What is each paragraph about? c. Does the writer lead the readers through each section purposefully, i.e., letting them know exactly what is happening? How does s/he do this? TEXT A All of the objectives that are mentioned above, are norm-focused ones, which means they are related with the visible attitude towards women. However, there exists another aspect, which includes value-focused ones. Value-focused objectives of a movement are about changing the fundamental ideas existing (Andersen & Taylor, 2002). The most important one for women’s movement in Turkey, is to abolish prejudices about women. Both, laws and lawmakers have those prejudices because they originate from the patriarchal structure of the Turkish society and it is the hardest task of all, to get rid of prejudices. We need a criteria to answer the question, whether a social movement has been effective or not. And this criteria is determined by the accomplishment of its objectives. Going over the objectives of the Turkish women’s movement will help us decide how successful the movement has been. However, the decision will not be so straightforward because there has not been a total achievement in all matters. The Constitution, which was accepted in 1982 and is still valid, provides total equality between men and women. Accordingly, it may be asserted that the movement has been successful. Nevertheless, problems emerge in application of these laws. For instance, the first eight years of education is compulsory in Turkey but there are children that do not go to school especially in rural parts of the country, and most of those children are girls. The case is that some parents do not allow their daughters to go to school and the state is unable to inspect this situation because most of those parents do not even register their children when they are born. The common belief that girls do not have to be educated, sabotages their right to go to school, in these rural
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transition between paragraphs - English 101 Fall 2004...

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