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1-What does Gidden's example about coffee drinking tell us? 2-What does Giddens mean by ''  connections between what society makes of us and what we make of yourselves? 3-Does it make  sense to start the study of human history with the Big Bang? With the Creation? With civilization What  does each starting point imply with regard to our view of humanity? 4-According to Gellner, How are  the three historical stages related to one another? Do they constitute an inevitable sequence? Can the  order be reversed? 5-What does Gellner mean by arguing that the productive base of society etc? 6-''  Culture is not destiny and neither is environment''. Discuss!! 7-Why is the diffusion of technology 
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Unformatted text preview: important according to J. Diamond? 8-What are some of the approaches that have been used in the study of World History?According to Clive Ponting, what are some of the problems encountered in these approaches? 9-What is Eurocentrisim? 10-What are the common aspects in Ponting's and Diamond's arguments? Do you agree with these two authors? 11-What are the major factors according to J.Diamond that put some continents in a better position to develop astr technologically? Compare continens!!...
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