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1-What is the relation between the Agricultural Revolution and the Urban Revolution? When did each  take place and where? 2- What does the specialization division of labour mean, why is it so important  for emerging complex societies? Discuss the phases of the specialization of labor 3- Agriculture  developed at different times in different places. What may have been the reasons? 4- Compare  agriculture and hunting and gathering as modes of subsistence. In your opinion, what are the  advantages and disadvantages of each. 5- Why did the first cities emerge in river valleys? 6- In what  ways did first cities represent a novel social and political organization? 7-What was the role of the 
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Unformatted text preview: temples and of the priestly elite in the formation and functioning of the early cities? What is the relationship between religion and politics in early civilizations? Discuss using examples from your readings and lectures. 8- Discuss the two major senses in which we use the term “civilization”. Compare Romans’ use of the term and ours. 9- What were the functions of art and science in early civilizations? How and why did writing emerge? 10- Compare the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution in terms of the ways they have affected human life. Which one do you think had a more profound impact?...
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