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Unformatted text preview: STUDY QUESTIONS-WEEK VI 1- What are the characteristics of government in Greece during the "Dark Ages." What are the main differences and similarities between this Dark Age period in Greece and the Warring States period of Ancient China? 2- ‘‘The polis was a key element in Greek civilization.’’ How did the polis develop and what were some of the typical forms it took? Compare it with the united & centralized states of Persia and Empire. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the polis as a political system? 3- Why did Athenians turn to ‘‘imperialism’’ at the peak of their democratic development? Is there any parallel in the history of other civilisations in both pre-modern & modern times? 4- The Hellenic Greeks are often described as humanists. What is meant by this description? To what extent is this description appropriate, and what were the limitations of Greek humanism? 5- What are the most important social changes in Greek society in the fifth to fourth centuries B.C.E? 6- What is relation between territory, kinship and rights - in tribal times, in early centuries B....
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