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universal phenomenon or is it specific to any civilization and region? Explain. 2. In the Epic  Gilgamesh, the character of Enkidu is depicted as wild barbarian. Similarly, Chinese poetry defined  Central Asian horse nomads as non-civilized people. Why do you think settled societies depicted  some groups of people as barbarian? What are the social and cultural bases of this duality? Were the  barbarians simple raiders against the established states? 3. According to Bennet Bronson, What  factors do allow a group of barbarians to overcome a state? 4. ‘‘ Throughout the history, each state  formation process involved a dark age .’’ Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? 5. What 
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Unformatted text preview: does Patricia Crone mean by the “fragility of the state”? What were the reasons for this fragility? Is the power of the modern state constrained in the same way? Why not? 7. Why were self-help groups very common in pre-modern states? 8. What are the major forms of government encountered in agrarian societies according to Crone? 9. What were the common characteristics of tributary states? 10. What are the main functional differences between modern and pre-modern states? 11-What does feudalism mean? What kind of political relations does it involve? What are its economic bases?...
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